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What is a Laminate sheet, and What are its Types and Uses?


Laminate sheets are hard to touch and are used to cover wooden furniture to give them attractive looks. It is an artificial material put on top of plywood by pressing thin layers of paper and resins together. There are several benefits of using laminate sheets, such as waterproofing. There are different types of laminate sheets to consider depending on multiple factors. There are some supplier brings you the most attractive options under each type of laminate sheet which many choice in the market which provided diferennt cost, tickness, and taxture as well. Choose the one that best suits your needs but before that, explore the range to have a fair idea of the options!

Table of Contents

·       Types based on usage

Types of Laminate Sheet (ลามิเนต แต่ละชนิด)

Different laminate sheets serve multiple purposes. While your wardrobe might require a different style, your office interior will demand more professional-looking laminates.

Types based on usage (เลือกตามการใช้งาน)

● Decorative Laminate Sheets - These have high aesthetic appeal due to their finish and patterns. You can use decorative sheets in ornamental overlays on plywood and furniture. These sheets are high-strength and resistant to long-term wear and tear. Other qualities include antibacterial features, heat resistance. These are usually deployed in hospitals and heavy industries.

Types based on the pressure applied (ประเภทตามความดันที่ใช้)

● High-Pressure Laminate Sheets - These sheets are hard and are put over the plywood automatically.

● Post-Formed Laminate Sheets - These are flexible sheets that can be used around tables and columns. It is because they are thinner than normal laminate sheets.

Types based on surface finish (ประเภทขึ้นอยู่กับพื้นผิว)

● Solid Colored Laminate Sheets - These are the most typical laminate sheets. One solid colour makes up the entire laminate sheet. Typically, it is utilized in kitchen countertops and bathroom vanities.

● Gloss-Finished Laminate Sheets - The decor paper has a glossy finish, frequently making the furniture stand out and appear more eye-catching. It is most frequently used in the event industry, hotels, and restaurants.

● Matt Finished Laminate Sheets - This flat finish provides the laminate's surface with a "matt" appearance. It is more frequently used in large professional service offices and other corporate settings where a subdued but attractive office appearance is needed.

● Textured Laminate Sheets - Textured laminates are created so that the pattern or texture that is printed on the decorative paper can be felt. Natural materials like metals, natural stones, wood, and more are typically used. They give the furnishings a life-like effect.

● Wood Grain Laminate Sheets - They are created with an aesthetic like real wood. There are many different hardwood and softwood designs of wood grain laminates.

● Metal Laminate Sheets - Furniture surfaces with metal laminates appear metallic. Both business and residential uses choose metallic laminate. It is utilized in workplaces, business structures, showrooms, and more.

Uses of Laminate Sheets (การใช้แผ่นลามิเนต)

Laminate sheets have a variety of functions.

It has been noted time and time again that laminate sheets are mostly utilized for protection and adornment purposes. Decoration in the fact that it is mostly used to coat furniture. It has a good lifetime and transforms the appearance of the furniture.

In contrast, certain sheets are made of durable materials to protect against any kind of Scuff marks on the furniture. Most people choose to use them since they are so simple to use. Additionally, recent years have seen significant improvements in its designs. New designs have been created to make the furniture look more elegant. 

Use laminate sheets to give a unique touch to a variety of furniture, including sofas, armchairs, bookshelves, dinner tables, couches, and cabinets, to boost the overall attractiveness of your home or any type of area. CenturyLaminates offers a broad design range with many options, whether you want to install Special Laminates or High-Pressure Laminates.

High-pressure laminate is among the best solutions. They fight off germs and fungi. These are hence appropriate for usage in public spaces like the kitchen, living room, hotels, etc. These High-Pressure Laminates are incredibly robust and simple to maintain. They have a high gloss surface and a variety of alternatives, including stone and wood grain.

A laminate can improve the aesthetics of a modular office or kitchen. It is available in a range of patterns and colours.

Conclusion (บทสรุป)

Laminate sheets have a variety of multiple uses. Different types of laminate sheets offer unique designs. These laminates have water and fire-resistance qualities. Heavy industries and places such as hospitals require specially designed laminates. These sheets can be put on home appliances, furniture, office cupboards, workplace settings, and more. Choosing from different types of laminate sheets is made easy once you determine the place of usage.

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