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About Fashion Home
Furniture Shed

about capable of  fashion home

Fashionhome shop has more than 30 years of experience and expertise in producing and selling rubber wood furniture. Made to order furniture, installation work, restaurant sofas Product services for those who open/operate businesses such as restaurants, coffee shops, dormitories, nail salons, and others.


Providing dining tables and chairs, coffee sets, bar tables and chairs.  Center tables, coffee tables, dining tables, coffee kiosks, coffee counters, sales kiosks, sales counters, bookshelves, corner shelves, foot massage beds, spa beds, shoe cabinets, shoe shelves, display cabinets, beds, product shelves.

We have our own production factory. Accepting orders for furniture according to the model​Welcome retail stores or corporate customers who need large quantities of products. 





In addition, customers who have designs and want to order them. or would like us to help design We can make rough sketches in 3D for understanding. and a clear overview at no cost.

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