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How to select material for your Furnitures

There are point the that you need to consider for select material for your furniture such as purpose, location to be placing, mechanical property which weight and etc.

therefor below are list for material that you are able to select for your furnitures

  1. HMR

  2. MDF

  3. hardwood

  4. softwood or lumber

  5. plastwood

  6. Particle board

  7. Steel

  8. Stainless steel etc.. as mentioned above those most select for the furniture suite. and now we are going to explain how different between MDF, HDF and HMR.

as material selection between MDF, HDF and HMR its depending on the specification for the project which MDF is able to provide diversity with value but the HDF and HMR are suitable for high humidity location and each of them provided pros and cons.

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard)

MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard) is Engineering product which this wood produce from wood fiber, wax and resin.

The wood fiber from hardwood or softwood mix with wax and bonding by resin. Normally density of the MDF is higher than general plywood which contain by separation of

The separated of fiber in each layer but able to use as contruction material similar to plywood and stripness and density are better than particle board.

Pos of  MDF

  1. Flatness MDF provided good flatness suitable for project that require wood flatness

  2. Muti-purpose As multi purpose that proved by this MDF which able to use such as as cabinet, shelves etc.

  3. No Wood pattern MDF provided no wood pattern and giving flat roughness which suitable for painting / spray coating project.

  4. Worthtyness cheep material if compare to wood it is a good choice for budgeted project.

  5. Friendly user Easy to cut and buiding-up only required general tool.

Con of MDF

  1. Mositure weakness MDF is not suitable with moisture or direct contact with water, if high moisture or direct contact will be result in edema or deform which totally ruin the project.

  2. Mid-strengthness even though the MDF density higher than particle but the  general characteristic it will not strong as the wood or HDF, which may not best choice for high strength structure project.

  3. Weight with high density which result in more weight when compare with other nature wood.

  4. Not suitable with outdoor project The MDF quite sensitive with moisture, so it is not recommended for outdoor or environment that potential to contact with high moisture or water.

The most important point to be considered the MDF for specific project mentioned above in case unable to avoid which need to plan for maintenance or perhaps design with hybrid with specific location that able to use the MDF.

HDF (High Density Fiberboard)

HDF (High Density Fiberboard) is Engineering product which quire similar to the MDF but it is more density which result in stronger and able to resist more impact. The HDF made by wood fiber, Wax and resin which mix with in high pressure and high temperature.

Pos of the HDF

  1. High density there is special character as high density provided more stronger than MDF and Particle board. With more density result in better mositure resistant.

  2. Flatness and Roughness HDF and MDF are provided similar roughness which those are fundamental for final touch up aka final coating.

  3. Dulability with temperature and mositure as it is high density which mean the HDF able to resist the moisture and temperature than other type of wood.

  4. Distorted as high density the HDF also provided distorted resistant better than MDF.

Con of HDF

  1. Impact resistance HDF unable to compare with natural wood which unable to resist high impact or pressure than the real wood because of the it is made from wood fiber.

  2. Moisture resistance HDF is not suitable with the high moisture or frequency with direct contact with water.

  3. Not for Outdoor The HDF not suitable with outdoor project or environment that direct contact with rain or high moisture because HDF characteristic is low water resistance.

  4. High cost The HDF cost are expensive more than MDF or other engineering wood that most selected for furniture product because of high density which cause of high cost as well.

HMR (High Moisture Resistance)

HMR is a special engineering wood with moisture resistance suitable with project that might got impact from mositure such as furniture, built-in in toilet or kitchen. The HMR provide 30% more with the moisture resistance but it is not recommend to use with direct contact with water or stay with water which might cause of significant damage.

HMR appearance will be green colour with flat and good roughness, the green that showning is from wood pigment type which a colour were added in production process which perhaps the green might become pale when direct contact with sunlight or warm temperature but not impact to quality, durability or moisture resistance. The HMR is eucaliptus product which turn them to very small eliment like fiber then bond them by special glue.

Pros of HMR

  1. High moisture resistance There is special compound for increase the very good of water resistance.

  2. Wood strength HMR able to resist the distorted or broken when contact with water or high moisture.

  3. Better for high mositure HMR will mostly select for high moisture project such as toilet, kitchen, and with some direct contact with water project.

  4. Various uses be able to use for cabinet built-in, kitchen furniture, toilet or other structure.

Con of HMR

  1. High cost higher cost when compare to other because of this special moisture resistance which from production cost.

  2. Limitation still there the HMD able to resist moisture but still cannot be use with a lot of water environment project.

  3. Impact resistance HMR provided some amount of strength but still not able to resist the impact or pressure compare to natural wood as HMR still wood fiber.

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